I am sure many of you, like me, have asked yourself if you are doing enough with the “extra time” we all currently have while being quarantined at home. A productivity consultant and the author of “Hyperfocus” Chris Bailey says that “it’s tough enough to be productive in the best of times let alone when we’re in a global crisis”. I think most of us would agree that our lives have become defined by busyness.

When was the last time you purposefully set aside time to do nothing at all? Probably never or at least not often as we are conditioned to do the opposite. But, did you know that by setting aside regular periods of “doing nothing” we can induce states of mind that nurture our imagination and improve our mental health.

Allowing yourself to just step back, find a new perspective, let your mind clear can allow our bodies to find a new conscious rhythm. We are all coping with this situation differently and there is no right answer – have some compassion for yourself. Take a break and allow yourself some simple pleasures – do nothing if it feels good, not every single minute has to be accounted for.

Stay safe, stay healthy and RIDE ON!!
XO Cathy