Carmel, Indiana Gym

Are you ready to breathe new energy into your life?

Join Candy Irven, the “Breathwork Boss“, on Thursday, January 5th from 6 – 7 pm for this 60-minute workshop where you’ll discover the power of your breath to help calm anxiety, ease overwhelm & break through limitations.
The cost is $25

Additional benefits of breathwork include:

  • releases toxins from your body

  • increases energy & boosts the immune system

  • strengthens your lungs

  • increases self-awareness

  • eliminates chronic pain

  • improves sleep (just don’t do it right before bed)

  • aids with your digestion

  • releases trauma & fear

  • allows you to explore altered states of consciousness, consciously

  • increases self-love

  • helps you to find emotional balance

  • increases self-confidence

  • provides massive stress relief

  • deepens your relationship with self & others

  • relieves anxiety & depression

Because we will be breathing deep into the belly, give yourself at least 2 hours between your last meal & this workshop. It’s no fun breathing with a full belly. Feel free to bring a blanket and a journal. Beginners welcome!

Candy is a certified breathwork facilitator, hypnosis practitioner, yoga teacher & coach. Learn more at