Challenging your strength threshold is the key to you becoming  stronger.  Do you let the negative words:  too hard, scary, intimidating, not enough time… keep you from challenging yourself to try something new?  When you face something new, fight through the difficult parts, you will always come out stronger on the other side.  Once you find your own source of strength, it will lift you up every time!!  So, come on – don’t wait another week, another day even!!!  Try our STRENGTH classes!!!   Don’t just take our word for it, there is a vast body of scientific research behind the benefits of strength training:

  • Build Muscle – The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn – having more muscle burns more calories.  A recent study concluded individuals who participated in strength training over a 3 month period, showed an increase of 2.2 to 4.5 pounds of muscle mass gained!
  • Increase Bone Density – As we age, our bones start to lose their density leading to bone fractures, muscle spasms, osteoporosis or osteoarthritis.   When you strengthen your body with weight bearing exercise, your inactive bones become active and begin to fill up with the neutrinos that help increase bone density!
  • Boosts Your Metabolism – Strength training not only improves your strength and physical appearance, but it also boosts your metabolism, which means your body burns more calories at rest.
  • Keeps Your Heart and Lungs Healthy – When you lift up weights and do strength training, your lungs inhale more oxygen than usual and your heart rate increases which improves not only lung capacity, but also blood circulation and heart health. Keeping you healthy on both the inside and outside.  
  • Boosts Brain Power – A healthy diet and strength training can have a huge impact on your memory and brain power.  You can also increase your brain’s response time and lower your chances of memory loss.  
  • Increases Your Confidence – What happens when you are weak and tired?  You do NOT feel confident.  Strength training will make you stronger, leaner and more confident!
  • Improves Your Mental State – Gaining strength will make you feel better.  The endorphins your body produces during your strength training session will provide you with a state of happiness.  You will look and feel better!!

The list goes on and on, but you get the point – strength training, coupled with your cardio workouts, truly is the key to a healthier, stronger, happier you!!!  #STRENGTH ON  #RIDE ON!!!