Feeling all frazzled right now? A new study shows that squats and crunches can calm those jangly nerves! We already have plenty of evidence that exercise helps stave off depression and that exercise can elevate feelings of happiness and contentment. But most past studies of exercise and moods have almost exclusively looked at the effects of aerobic exercise – which we know works!!! Scientists only recently have begun to investigate whether and how weight training might also affect mental health. A 2018 review of studies concluded that adults who lift weights are less likely to develop depression than those who never lift weights. In another study, women with clinical anxiety disorders reported fewer symptoms after taking up either aerobic or weight training. Increased physical and psychological potency figure into the elevation in mood and lessened anxiety. Those participants in weight training became stronger over time and able to lift heavier weights, thus bolstering a feeling of mastery – a benefit for mental health – leaving people feeling generally more capable of coping.

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