Hi InCycler’s – it seems that I often hear questions about InCycle and InCycle Strength that I just take for granted that everyone already knows the answers to. So, I thought, why not just list some of the most commonly asked questions and answers here and hopefully clear up some of the confusion. Here goes!!

1. What does an InCycle package include? Any InCycle package that you purchase includes ALL classes at both InCycle and InCycle Strength – no exceptions. If you purchase a 20 or 50 class pack, you are able to share it with your spouse or children living in your home (10 class packs are not shareable). We also offer a monthly unlimited option for $165 that allows you to come to as many classes at InCycle and InCycle Strength as you want within that month. In addition, we offer a 4X and 8X a month option (*see more details about these offerings on our website).

2. What is your student rate? Our student rate for any student 22 and under is either a $10 drop-in (you can put money on your account so that you are able to sign up online in advance for classes and that needs to be done at the studio) or we also offer an $89 monthly unlimited for students.

3. Do you have expiration dates on your class packages? Yes, all class packages purchased have a one-year expiration date. Of course, we will always make exceptions if there is a true medical reason that an extension would need to be made.

4. Do you offer a first-class free? Yes, we offer a first-class free to anyone that lives in town and is considering joining our InCycle family. If you have a friend that you want to bring to InCycle and they live in the area, we would love for you to bring them in and we will give them a class on us!

Those seem to be the most frequently asked questions, but if you ever have a question that isn’t listed above, please email us at info@incycleindy.com and we will be happy to help! Have a great week and I hope to see you at a class!