Find a way to keep moving forward with workouts that turn back the clock!! A body that looks great for its age begins from within. While chronological aging is counted by your birthdays, biological aging is different, says Aaron Baggish, M.D., the director of Cardiovacular Performance Program at Massachusetts General Hospital. “It’s measured by the health and stamina of the cardiovascular system, the pulmonary system, and all the different organs that combine to let us do exercise.” One way to aim to be biologically younger is by improving your VO2 Max – the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use per minute – which typically stays stable until around age 35-40. To really prevent declines in it, the body needs to be pushed close to its peak performance by adding HIIT (high intensity fast paced intervals) and strength! The average adult loses 3 to 8 percent of muscle each decade after age 30. The good news is that strength training can reverse that loss at any age!! A renowned study from Tufts University showed that women in their 50’s and 60’s who did a full-body strength workout twice a week effectively made their bodies 15 to 20 years younger in one year!!!! RIDE ON! STRENGTH ON!!