We think we can change your life at InCycle.
But don’t take our word for it.

Here’s what our clients have to say:

“I was looking for something that would provide me with a good solid workout to get in shape with both aerobic and cardiovascular benefits that would not require extensive preparation or equipment. I enjoy music and riding so my wife recommended I try InCycle.

My experience has been extremely positive. I was surprised by how many calories I could burn in just one hour without the muscle soreness typical of other workouts. Even if fatigued, the lack of post workout aches makes it easier to consistently attend classes. This consistent attendance has resulted in improved fitness and sustained weight loss.

At InCycle I have met all of my goals and more.  I have participated in several InCycle sponsored challenges. Each challenge is a fun way to push me beyond my normal routine and provides extra incentive. I enjoy the competition and resulting satisfaction I get for completing a challenge.

Every class is taught by different instructors, each with their own tastes in music and riding style. Over time I have grown to know many of them and fellow riders and appreciate the new music exposed to me. I also enjoy the fact that you can control the difficulty and intensity of each ride.”

Aaron Wright
“I started at InCycle about a year ago with the goal to lose weight and have lost almost 90 lbs.!

I especially appreciate the welcoming atmosphere and the ability to go at one’s own pace; yet, the instructors and the others in the class motivate me to push myself.”

Mike Welsh MD
“I first tried InCycle because I’d heard it was a tremendous body workout. What I found was that it quickly became one of the best daily practices that I could do for my mind and my body.

From the moment you enter the studio you are commuting to a practice that will feel better than advertised. At InCycle you get the energy of cycling to music and expert instruction… all levels working together to get stronger physically and mentally…it’s a full body workout!”

Every day I go I feel better and grateful for that day. I’ve made some new friends who share common interests. Every friend I’ve brought to InCycle comments on how amazing it is!

Cathy Miller inspires a team of dedicated exercise experts. InCycle has improved my life with positive energy and physical results. I treasure my time at InCycle.”

Gretchen Watson
“They say life is full of surprises, and that is certainly true for me and InCycle. I first tried a class at InCycle during the studio’s first year at its Carmel location. After much prodding from my wife, I decided to see for myself if this indoor cycling stuff was worth the hype. (Guys, you know how it goes!) Fitness for most of my life consisted of basketball, soccer, running, and lifting weights. Although I enjoy a leisurely bike ride on a warm day as much as the next person, I figured that indoor cycling was more for the ladies, and my experience would be a “one and done.”

I could never have predicted how much spinning/cycling as an activity, and InCycle as a culture, would quickly grow on me, become a regular form of exercise, and enhance my quality of life. It all starts with the caliber of people that InCycle employs, from its passionate cadre of certified instructors to its friendly front desk staff. Each instructor incorporates his or her own style and personality into the selection of music, movements, cadences, and varying intensities employed throughout the rides. At the same time, the instructors are always trying to learn from their customers and are open to suggestions to improve the overall experience. Most importantly, they are dedicated to helping riders achieve whatever goal or goals attracted them in the first place–whether it’s losing weight, increasing strength and muscle tone, improving cardiovascular health, boosting metabolism, or just breaking a sweat and having a good time for 45 minutes to 1 hour!

The beauty of indoor cycling with interval use of weights is that it is probably one of the only forms of physical fitness that one can perform at any age, body type, and fitness level. It is especially beneficial for those who prefer a solid combo of cardio and strength training without a significant toll on the joints. Riders at InCycle appreciate the “go at your own pace, but give it your best” attitude embraced by the instructors.

As much as I love the exercise itself, I’d have to say the real reason that I have kept coming back for more than three years is because of the culture that exists at InCycle. Whatever life challenges exist when we walk in the door, InCycle is here to give its customers a reprieve from those challenges and a great opportunity to refresh and refocus after working out in a positive and encouraging environment. The hallmark of InCycle is that people of different ages, backgrounds, beliefs, and walks of life feel a sense of camaraderie before, during, and after the rides. I can’t help but think that’s a reflection of the spirited, nonjudgmental, and purpose-driven attitudes of the people who lead the classes. Plus, don’t be surprised if you meet a few new friends when you come ride at InCycle… it’s almost impossible not to!

So what are you waiting for? Come try a class that fits you. If riding solo seems a little daunting at first, bring a family member or friend along to share the experience, as my wife did with me more than three years ago and we continue to do to this day. Hope to see you in the saddle soon!”

Lance Ladendorf
“I joined InCycle shortly after graduating college after relocating to Carmel. Never having been to a cycling class before, I wanted a low-impact, high-intensity workout to stay strong and fit. After day one at InCycle, I was hooked! It is a very welcoming and professional environment full of friendly faces. It quickly became part of my routine. InCycle is in a beautiful location and it is very clean and well kept. Updates are constantly being made in the studio to make it the best riding experience possible. The instructors are AMAZING – seriously the best. They’re encouraging, creative, full of personality and challenging.

I have been riding with InCycle for two years and remain challenged every single class because the intensity, body positions, speed and resistance vary. Although the instructors are giving cues throughout class, they always encourage everyone to go at his/her own pace, and to pay attention to how we feel that day. They are 100% supportive of each of us making every ride our own.

Upper body songs are incorporated throughout class which are my favorites! Dumbbells, bars, and resistance bands are located on each bike. I have seen tremendous results from the full body workout I receive at InCycle. It truly is a one-stop shop!”

Claire Farkas