Starting your morning with a workout predicts better brain functioning research shows!  Get up and get moving because exercising first thing delivers mind and body benefits.  Exercise bathes the brain in a chemical bubble bath of serotonin and dopamine, which helps with focus and mood.  When you rise and sweat, it sets you on ACTIVE for the whole day.  Dopamine is a reward chemical and the more you have of dopamine, the more you want to do the thing that delivered it.  There is evidence that the more movement you do, the more motivated you are to keep moving throughout the day  Starting your day with a workout most certainly provides better brain functioning for the rest of the day too!  One study found that those who worked out a minimum of 30 minutes after they woke up and moved a minimum of three minutes every half hour throughout the day were better at focusing, decision-making, organizing and planning!  So, wake up and get moving for a smarter, healthier and more productive you!