You know that exercise is good for you, but there are always a million reasons why you just can’t make it to a class. But, YOU have to get out there and restart your fitness routine because no one is going to do it for you. Stop listening to that little voice in your head telling you that you can always start tomorrow, next week, next month…you all know what I am talking about. Let’s get that motivation back and rediscover how much better you can feel when you are nourishing your body, mind and soul with physical activity!!

1. Lighten Up Your Goals – So many people have let their fitness slide over the last year and half – you are not alone. So lighten up, give yourself a break and recognize that maybe your fitness goals from before we lived through a pandemic are just too much now. It can become completely overwhelming to think about jumping right back into the same fitness routine you had pre-pandemic. Allow yourself to gradually come back to exercise. How about 30 minutes instead of an hour, build up to finding your stronger self again. Did you know that InCycle now offers several 30/30 (30 minutes on the bike followed by 30 minutes of strength training) classes every single week? Come ride for only 30 minutes or take a 30 minute strength class – ease back in until you are back on track.

2. Track Your Progress – Sometimes just simply keeping track of your fitness progress can be motivation. InCycle has you covered this month with our Fall Challenge – 20 classes in 30 days. Let us help you track that progress and before you know it you will start noticing improvements in your fitness, health, attitude and happiness!! And, BONUS – there are great InCycle rewards for finishing the challenge!!

3. NO Guilt – Come on, you are going to miss a day here and there. There might be some side steps, that’s normal and perfectly okay. Mentally prepare yourself to be okay with setbacks, but do NOT let those be an excuse to give up. The more you exercise, the better you will start to feel and the more you will want to continue – a great habit to cultivate.

4. Get a Good Influence – Find a friend, a family member, co-worker, a neighbor…someone who will help you stay on your newfound fitness track. Surround yourself with like-minded people – your InCycle family is ready, willing and able to welcome you back and lend support to help you rediscover your workout mojo!!

5. Find the FUN In It – If you can’t get motivated to start working out again, maybe you haven’t found the right activity. Did you know that InCycle and InCycle Strength offer over 40+ classes a week varying from indoor cycling to TRX Fusion, Strength Circuits, Ride/Restore, Barre Fusion, Pilates Strength & Stretch, 30/30 Cycle/Strength – now that’s a whole lot of FUN in one studio!

6. No More EXCUSES!!! – “Sorry I can’t today”….because I am: too tired, don’t have time, it’s been too long since I worked out, the kid’s schedule is just too much, I lost my motivation – NO, NO, NO!!! No more excuses, now is the time – not tomorrow, not next week, TODAY. Do it, sign up for a class, take that first step. No one ever regretted the workout they did, only the one they didn’t!