Put down your phone and GRAB A BIKE! According to a recent study of how Americans typically spend their waking hours, almost all of us have far more leisure time available than we think we do. But, the study shows that few of us use even a portion of that free time for physical activity. The researchers gathered information from more than 32,000 participants over a two year period defining leisure time as involving activities that were not in some way compulsory or required (work, commuting, education, sleeping, cleaning, caring for children, cooking, food shopping, showering…) and then calculated the average free time. Almost all the respondents – whatever their income, age, gender or ethnicity reported about FIVE HOURS per day of leisure time and for almost everyone physical activity was uncommon during those hours. Most people instead spent the overwhelming majority of their free time: watching TV, on their PHONE or on their computer.

Choose your health, longevity, strength and well-being over an hour looking at your phone, TV or computer. Dial back the screen time and dial up InCycle!! RIDE ON!!!

Gina Bostic
Manager, InCycle