Carmel Pilates Classes

InCycle’s Pilates Strength/Stretch class

InCycle’s Pilates Strength/Stretch class is a one-hour class that truly gets it all in! Pilates style strength class that utilizes both standing and mat work, TRX and light weights. Pilates resets and realigns the body by strengthening inward correcting imbalances that inhibit functional training. Pilates allows the body to build a base that creates correct muscle recruitment patterns resulting in a pain and injury-free result. Everyday activities feel better! Pilates complements and enhances all your other exercise programs making them more effective and in the long-term a stronger, more physically fit you.

InCycle Pilates Strength/Stretch instructor, Shannon Baxter, has a degree in Exercise Physiology. In addition, Shannon is certified in IM=X Pilates mat and reformer. She also is a certified 200YTT and 500YTT yoga instructor and completed Inner Engineering with Sadhguru. Shannon has been a recreational athlete and coach ever since graduating from college. Shannon states “I LOVE helping people strengthen from the inside out – the goal is always to live your strengths and I believe we are stronger together! I want to empower each student to be the best version of themselves in the moment and give them the strength and support to shine! I coach Functional Fitness so we can all be pain and injury free to win at life!”

Carmel Pilates Classes
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Carmel strength studio

Our Carmel Strength Studio

InCycle Strength offers a wide variety of classes for clients who want a strength-based workout which marries perfectly with our InCycle Indoor Cycling studio. For clients who are looking for a one-stop studio offering both cardio and strength-based workouts, InCycle and InCycle Strength has it all.

Our InCycle classes include indoor cycling classes – one hour and 45 minute express cycle classes, 30/30 – 30 minutes of cardio on the bike followed by 30 minutes of strength training at InCycle Strength (these strength classes can include TRX, weights, body bars, resistance bands, stability balls, Kettle bells and mat work), Bike Bootcamp – a combo class of strength circuits off the bike mixed with intervals of cardio on the bike, InCycle Express +Pump 15 – 45 minutes of high-energy cardio on the bike followed by 15 minutes off the bike focusing on strengthening and toning both upper and lower body, Ride/Restore – 30 minutes on the bike followed by 30 minutes of restorative yoga and Sunday Gospel Rides.

InCycle Strength classes offered are: TRX Fusion, Strength Circuit Training, Barre Fusion and Pilates Strength & Stretch. In addition, we offer personal training for those clients who are looking for a one-on-one experience.
InCycle prides itself on creating and fostering a close-knit community that provides not only the finest and most experienced instruction, but an atmosphere of support, non-judgement and inclusivity.