You want it? You got it?
We’ll push you past your comfort zone to get results.

Cathy Miller

I LOVE teaching cycling and I LOVE helping people achieve their fitness goals. For me, there is no other workout that allows you to have this much fun and still get amazing results! That endorphin high, the beat of the music filling your head and heart, the sweat dripping and detoxing the body, the feeling of your soul starting to soar – nothing gives me more pleasure than sharing that with my classes. I fuel my rides with a megamix of music, but always include a rift or two of some great rock n’ roll and a big dose of inspiration. At the end of the ride, it all comes down to…how much happier and healthier are you willing to be. RIDE ON!

J.C. Cole

I have been teaching indoor cycling for ten years and have been with InCycle since the day the doors opened. I am also a personal trainer and bring my knowledge of sculpting the body to the bike. For me, cycling is about two things: rhythm and cadence. Without them, it is work and work is the last thing I want you to think of when you are in my class. Come ride with me and I will take you on a 60 minute journey of FUN, rhythm and the best variety of music in Naptown. My playlists offer some old, some new and maybe even a few you never knew. You are in control of your effort and your resistance – I just suggest you “give it a bump” now and then. You will get the best caloric burn without any pounding and maybe even burn 1000 calories while we dial it up and tune in for an hour together.

Carmen Berglund

I am your cycle music Guru! I believe that music is your motivator to work through your challenges, move your body and strengthen your soul! I put time and effort into every playlist and my songs will keep you moving, singing and sweating! You will leave my class thinking “wow, working out CAN be fun”! I bring over 20 years of group fitness and cycling experience to my class. I found my love of fitness in College (Ball State…chirp, chirp..Go Cards!). I helped start their group fitness program while getting my Bachelor’s degree and have been teaching ever since. If you are looking for a class with great music, high energy and lots of themes – I am your gal! When not in the studio rockin it out on the bike, I stay busy with my three kids and husband – who often make an appearance in my classes. Be the role model because YOU can and because YOU care! #rideon!

Andi Wagner

I am a self-proclaimed fitness junkie! I have been teaching cycling since 2004, but have been involved in some type of sport or activity my whole life. I have a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Pittsburgh and am a former Health and PE Teacher. I am a Fitness America Pro Athlete and have competed for 13 years. I have a dance background and use my love of music and movement when creating upbeat playlists for my InCycle classes! In addition to teaching at InCycle, I run two successful online wellness businesses and volunteer as a PE teacher at my son’s school and as a strength and conditioning coach for his sports teams.

Molly Knapp

I love great music and I love to sweat! While I was an athlete growing up, my love of spinning began at a point in my life where I wasn’t prioritizing my wellness. I found I could go into a class and no matter what shape I felt like I was in, there was no comparison with others. It was just me pushing myself on the bike. Spinning is the best of both worlds: A fun and motivating group environment, but also a place you can focus on your own goals. I strive for all clients to have fun, get sweaty and leave class feeling energized! After several years in corporate Finance and Marketing, I turned my rekindled passion for fitness and wellness into more than just a hobby. I am a Mad Dogg certified Spin Instructor and an ACE Certified Group Fitness professional. In addition to loving my time on the bike, I am an avid runner having completed the Chicago Marathon and several half marathons, a yogi and lover of any workout with burpees. Let’s get after it together!


Julie Shaffer

I stepped into my first cycle class about 10 years ago and from that moment on I was hooked! The music and atmosphere were exhilarating. I left dripping in sweat, yet felt absolutely amazing. Since that day, I teach and take classes every chance I get. I am an American Council on Exercise Group Fitness Instructor with additional training from Schwinn, Keiser and Mad Dogg Athletics. When I am not teaching, I love anything outdoors from hiking to sand volleyball. Come ride with me and we will have a fantastic time getting stronger together!

Courtney Clyne

I have had a love fitness my entire life and it has always been a dream to share my enthusiasm and passion with others. After becoming certified as a personal trainer and group fitness/cycling instructor, I hit the ground running! In addition to cycling, I am a boot camp instructor with a focus on cardiovascular conditioning and strength training. I bring a little of that intensity (in a FUN way) to every class! I truly believe if a workout doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. I love to hear from my class participants that they notice they are capable of pushing so much harder than they thought they ever could and that they feel stronger in not just their lower body, but their upper body too. My music is a mix of everything – some oldies, hip hop, rock and pop. You are bound to hear a song that motivates and pushes you. Try my class, find your challenge and make the changes that motivate you to jump on the bike and RIDE!

Jeanette Renshaw

I took my first class at InCycle after my mom convinced me to check out a class. I had been running a great deal and my knee had started to hurt, so I was excited to try a non-impact cardio class. I was instantly hooked! As a new year’s resolution, I got certified and began teaching shortly thereafter – I have loved this job ever since! There are three things that I love about teaching cycling – the workout, the music and family. I love that the workout is coordinated to music that challenges you to push harder. As I design my playlists, I constantly strive to have everything synced perfectly to the beat. And, finally, I love that I share my cycling workouts with my mom. Having time to share together in that forum means the world to me. I love that I get to share my story, my music and my passion with my InCycle clients.

Steve Koebcke

Originally from Rensselaer Indiana, Steve graduated from Indiana State University with a degree in Exercise Science.  He has been personal training and teaching group fitness classes for the past 20 years.  He currently lives in Carmel with his wife Leslie and three kids, Anna, Kaleb, and Nathan. When he is not teaching or training he is working out and spending time with his family.  Cycle is one if his newest certifications and he can’t wait to train with the amazing staff and members at InCycle!

Jen Hurst

I have had a love for indoor cycling since my collegiate training years.  My aspirations to become an instructor were put on hold as I got married, had my three children, and switched from the corporate world to the stay-at-home mom life.  Alongside my Spinning Instructor Certification, I am a CF-L1 Trainer and have been actively coaching CrossFit and weightlifting since 2013.  When I’m not getting my WOD in, you can find me in the cycling studio feeling the beat and challenging you to push your limits. I thrive off the inspiration of others working hard to achieve their fitness goals!