Notes for Newbies

Notes for newbies: A few words
from Cathy Miller for beginning riders.

Welcome to InCycle! When I opened my studio, I knew that indoor cycling can be intimidating, especially when it seems like everyone around you is a pro. But believe me, it is a great sport for any fitness level. Your ride is always what you need and want it to be. Once the music starts, the riders around you are focused on their ride. You won’t find competition, just inspiration.

It’s really important to arrive 15-20 minutes before your first class so our expert instructors can set you up properly on your bike. Correct form is key to preventing injuries and ensuring you are working targeted muscles at an optimum level.

Wear tights or cycle shorts and bring or wear running shoes.  If you have cycle shoes, we use SPD clips. 

Familiarizing yourself with the lingo can be really helpful to remove some of the trepidation of your first time experience. For instance, RPM’s, (rotations per minute), refers to how fast you are pushing the pedals around. Our bikes are equipped with computers that give you RPM’s, mileage, time and your heart rate.

Resistance. I like to think about resistance as the road: if you are riding outside and going up a hill, that is your resistance. Indoor cycling bikes don’t have “gears,” instead a resistance knob controls how hard your muscles need to work to increase your RPM’s. Our instructors cue you on a 1-10 difficulty scale for resistance, but everyone adjusts the resistance according to his or her comfort level. You are always in control.

Now I’m sure you are wondering, how hard is indoor cycling the first time?  Here is an analogy I like to use for first timers:

If you were an inexperienced runner going out for the first time with a group of friends who run 3-4 times per week, you would never expect to run the same distance or speed that they run.  Rather, you would walk a little, run a little, rest a little – in other words, build up strength.  That is exactly what you do in your first few cycling classes. You find your comfort zone and go from there. Even better, indoor cycling is a low impact sport. So you can burn calories and gain endurance while also protecting your joints.

When can you expect to see results? In the beginning I suggest you try at least 2-3 classes per week with our New Student Intro Package that offers two weeks unlimited cycling. Then increase to 3-4 classes after a couple of weeks. You will be begin to see noticeable results shortly thereafter. Studies show that over time, indoor cycling can decrease body fat and body mass index and improve overall cardiovascular function.

See you at InCycle!


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