There’s a mental muscle you can flex to help shield your immunity from the angst of anxiety.  When stress becomes chronic, it can alter how well your body is able to fight infection.  According to Dr. Ellen Epstein, an allergist-immunologist, “the effect of stress on the body’s production of different types of white blood cells – which normally is protective against disease – is complicated but can ultimately result in changes in the immune response.”  This is why honing our resilience skills is so important – resilience is the ability to deal with stress and we can develop protective factors to increase it!  Dr. Mary Alvord, a psychologist, states that one hallmark of being resilient is feeling you aren’t powerless against challenges – even big ones like living in a lockdown.  Cultivate a CAN-DO mindset and know the POWER DUO:  Friends & Fitness!!

The research backs that social support is key in being better able to combat stress.  And, we know that movement helps our mental and physical health – connection and physical activity are the holy grail!  Prioritize your social and physical activity – studies have actually shown that it helps us live longer and happier.  Let that stress roll off you, flex your mental and physical muscles and do it with your friends – set that routine and find a happier, healthier, less-stressed you!  That, my friends, is not happening working out at home alone – it takes social connection and your InCycle family is ready, willing, and able!