VERY IMPORTANT Stage 5 information and what it means for InCycle & InCycle Strength.  As I am sure you all have heard, Governor Holcomb announced that Indiana is ready to move into Stage 5.  This is great news because it means that our precautions and safety measures in Indiana have been working!  However, KEEP READING, InCycle, and InCycle Strength will hold exactly where we have been since re-opening.  You, our clients, are our first priority and we are playing it safe so that we can make sure you remain socially distanced, feel comfortable when you are working out with us, and know without any doubts that your time spent at InCycle & InCycle Strength will be worry-free!!  We will NOT be increasing our class sizes at this time.  There will still be 15 bikes (out of 30) open for a class at InCycle and 10 spots open in our Strength studio. We would love nothing more than to be able to pack the house once again, but we will be patient and when the time is right, what a great celebration we will all have!!   As always, thank you for trusting our InCycle team to make your workouts safe, effective, and FUN!!