The message is clear – it is a time for change.  It will take a lot more listening, a lot more dialogue, a lot more mutual understanding and a lot more action to continue the fight against discrimination, inequality and injustice. In order to help foster this change, InCycle is very proud to announce that we will be donating and inviting our clients to donate to an amazing local organization, Ten Point Coalition, who has been fighting for change in our own community for over 20 years.

Ten Point Coalition is committed to reducing urban youth gun violence and addressing critical issues in Indianapolis and surrounding areas, making a genuine difference in the lives of young people, families, and neighborhoods.  Their vision is to bring together the community, community leaders, businesses, law enforcement, and the court system to address critical issues in our community such as violence, chronic unemployment, and lack of education.  Since 1999, Ten Point Coalition has been a significant partner with the City of Indianapolis on the fight against violent crime.  You can read more about Ten Point Coalition or make a direct donation HERE.  In addition, InCycle will make a donation to Ten Point Coalition and will have a box for cash or check donations at the front desk until Sunday, July 26th .   Together we can make a difference and create change.  RIDE ON!!  STRENGTH ON!!  #createchange