How Anne turned to a new lifestyle of eating to change her both inside & outside!

Job: Nurse Practitioner at IU Health North Hospital & a choreographer for local community theaters.

Family: Married with twin daughters (both nurses), one son at Purdue

InCycle Rider: 3 years

Her story:

I went to my well checkup in May, 2017 and found out I was pre-diabetic and 1 lb. overweight.  I was so bummed since I had been cutting out carbs consistently for about 2 years.  I was telling an MD colleague about my appointment, and she had suggested I check into Dr. Fung’s research on diabetes and insulin control, so I bought his 2 books: “The Obesity Code”, and “Complete Guide to Fasting” (links below).  They were quick reads and the information within was mind-blowing for me, especially since I am a health care professional!  I quickly embraced the concepts (low carb, moderate protein, high healthy fats and limiting my eating to a short window of time including no snacking/grazing).  With much discipline, I got into a new routine, and I managed to lose 26 lbs. by December, 2017.

Why InCycle is your cardio of choice?

I used to be an avid runner, but my joints were killing me!  A coworker at the hospital suggested I try a cycling class 3 years ago.  I didn’t think it would be much of a workout, but I figured, why not try it, and that first class was so much more challenging than what I thought!  I soon discovered that I can push myself more on the bike then I ever could with running due to the impact.  I’m a total convert!

When do you ride?

I like to go early and “get ‘er done”, so I go to the 5:45 am classes.  The music is always upbeat.  I am known to “Shazam” several songs during class to get some new fun tunes!  I love that we hit upper body too.  I have some “guns” (small ones, but hey!) now thanks to InCycle!

What keeps you motivated with your new lifestyle change?

I joined some “fasting” Facebook sites that provided motivation (incredible before & after stories).  Also, continuing to keep my exercise routine in check has been beneficial.  Routine is key!  One would think that coming to class in a fasting state would hinder my performance, but it doesn’t.  I just am careful to stay hydrated.  I also have some electrolyte drops (potassium, sodium, magnesium) that I put in my water.

Struggles, temptations?

Christmas was a struggle.  I also try to keep my fasting window short, so I just eat around dinner time.  My husband likes to cook with a sous vide (meat is so tender with it) (link below), so I skip lunch at the hospital, and save it for dinner.  That has been tough because we do so much socializing during lunch!  Instead, I go for a walk with supportive/converted coworkers, and during the winter I will just either work through lunch or take a large cup of tea (I cheat and put in unsweetened coconut milk), or take carbonated water to lunch and chat.  I’ve gotten over getting hungry by the smell of things, so that helps!

What are your new favorite food or snacks?

Macadamia nuts (but they are expensive). Avocados are awesome too.

What makes you most proud?

I hit my goal weight (Wedding Day weight) just prior to the holidays and celebrated by buying new pants…that were 6 sizes smaller!  I’ve heard that you gain roughly a pound for each year you have been married.  And that was true for me, as my husband, Ken, and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary in December!

Now my husband is on board and he has lost 30 lbs. My daughters have each lost 15 lbs. & my son does triathlons, so he doesn’t need to worry about his weight!

What was hitting your goal like? 

Incredible!  The best part was just knowing that I had complete control!  Now I’m just looking forward to getting my A1C checked by my Primary Care Doctor this spring.  I’m pretty sure my blood sugars will be improved, and that I have reversed the progression of diabetes.

Words of wisdom, advice, or anything else you would like to share!

Fasting isn’t for everyone, but it worked with me and fit into my lifestyle.  Read the books by Dr. Fung.  He’s got a new one coming out in the spring! 

Stay tuned this spring, and find out how Anne’s one year pre-diabetic diagnosis check-up goes!

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