It is with such great JOY that we can announce that InCycle will RE-OPEN on Sunday, May 24th!!!! InCycle has always been diligent about cleaning and sanitizing the bikes, equipment and surfaces and we will be tripling our cleaning efforts when we re-open. Your health and safety is our top priority and we have formulated some new procedures that will allow us to adhere to the mandated state and local requirements. 1. Social Distancing/Checking In – Our class sizes will be reduced significantly allowing 6 feet between the bikes. We are asking that everyone wait outside (there will be social distancing markings on the sidewalk) and check-in one at a time. Once you are inside the studio, there will be hand sanitizer at the desk and we will ask that you please use it before entering the cycle room. Once in the cycle room, you will leave your belongings next to your bike rather than congregating at the cubbies (there will be plenty of space since we will only have less than 1/2 of the bikes). Please then use our disinfectant wipes to wipe down your bike and whatever weights and/or body bars that you will be using (all bikes will be clean and disinfected when you enter the cycle room, but to err on the side of caution, we are asking that you go ahead and clean them again). After class, we will ask that you again clean your bike and any weights or body bars that you used and return them to the rack at the front of the room. 2. Leaving Class – We are asking that all clients exit out the side door of the cycle room, so as to create less crowding in the reception area with the next class checking in. 3. We will (for the time being only) asking that you bring your own towel to class. If you forget your towel, we will still have towels available. 4. We are asking that all clients have an updated credit card on file so that we can accomodate contactless payment. 5. All receptionists will be wearing masks when checking in InCycle clients. 6. All InCycle Rides (1 hour classes) that are immediately followed by another class, will now become 50 minutes so that we have more time between classes to clean. This is only temporary and these classes will go back to being one hour as soon as it is possible. 7. We no longer be offering coffee in the early a.m. classes (again, this is only temporary and as soon as we can we will bring it back). 8. There is a new waiver that we will be asking everyone to sign before they attend class, just acknowledging that you are healthy and willing to observe our new policies. 9. If you feel unwell, have a cough, fever or symptoms of COVID-19, please do not come to the studio until you are symptom-free and fever-free for 14 days. 10. We will be offering LIVE VIRTUAL classes through Mindbody once we open. Those VIRTUAL classes will be listed on our schedule, so if you are not able to come into the studio or do not feel comfortable yet coming into the studio, you will have another option. These virtual classes will be included in the monthly unlimited memberships or if you have a ride package, you can use a ride from that package to sign up for these classes. **We will be sending more information about the virtual classes in the next week. We cannot wait to see you back at InCycle, our tribe, our family, our community. And as we begin the process of reuniting, keep in mind that we will be looking out for each other, because that is what we do best. RIDE ON!!! Keep sending us your SWEATY SELFIES too!! Click HERE to view!