InCycle Member Rewards Program

The InCycle Member Rewards program is our way of saying thank you! You can earn points for attending classes, posting on social media, referring friends, and so much more! Once you start racking up those points, you are on your way to reaping the rewards with freebies, $$ off retail & packages, and so many more fun ways to spend your well-earned points! Start earning points and join InCycle Member Rewards today!



Refer a Friend to InCycle
Earn 350 Points


Book & Attend a Class
Earn 5 Points

(3-Pre-Book + 2-Attend)
Attend 9x in one month
Earn 25 Bonus Points


Every Dollar Spent on Retail
Earn 1 Point


Join InCycle Rewards Program
Earn 25 Points

Earn Points

+ 1500              Challenge Finisher

 + 350              Refer a Friend

+ 100                Choose an Unlimited Monthly Membership

+ 25                  Join InCycle Member Rewards Program

+ 25                  Birthday

+ 25                  Facebook / Google Review

+ 10                   Follow Us on Twitter

+ 5                     Facebook or Instagram Post

+ 5                     Tweet

+ 3                    Book a Class on Our App or Online

+ 2                     Attend Class
(+25)                  (9x in one month)

+ 1                      For Every $1 Spent on Retail

Redeem Rewards

- 100                Smart Water

- 200               $5 OFF Purchase

- 400              InCycle Water Bottle

- 500               FREE InCycle Class

- 700               $25 OFF Purchase

- 1000              $50 OFF Purchase

- 1500              $100 OFF 50 Class Pack

- 1500              50% OFF One Month Unlimited Membership

- 1500              $200 OFF One Year Membership for $1799

- 2000              Private InCycle Class

Who or what is Perkville?
Perkville is our technology partner that provides the platform for the rewards program. Perkville is used at more than 2000 locations worldwide and has more than 2,000,000 end users.
How does the InCycle Rewards Program work?
It’s simple, you earn points for activities related to our business. Such as attending classes, referring clients, making retail purchases, reviewing us on Facebook or Google, or talking about us on social media. Once you have accumulated points, you can begin redeeming rewards. You can’t lose with InCycle Member Rewards.
How do I sign up?
As an InCycle client you will automatically receive emails when you earn points. You click the “???” button in the email or choose Perkville on our InCycle Mobile App. This will allow you to register and create a Perkville account. Or simply click the “create an account” link at the top of this page.
How do I earn points?
Points are tracked using the email address you have on file with us. Earn points by completing eligible activities at InCycle. For example, class attendance, purchases, social media posts, referring friends, online reviews like Facebook or Google, and more.
How do I redeem points?
Sign in to your Perkville account, Click Redeem, and select the perk you want. Show our receptionist your voucher via your phone or a printout to redeem your perk.
How do I refer clients to InCycle with Perkville?
From the Perkville site (on our app or online at click the “Refer a friend link”, and submit your friend’s email as a referral. Then your friend visits InCycle and earns points using the same email address that you used to refer them. You are automatically rewarded for the referral.
How does social media sharing work?
Earn points at InCycle for posting on social media. For Twitter, log in to and connect your Twitter account. Enter what you want to say in the social media box. Click “Post and Earn” to AUTOMATICALLY get points. For Facebook & Instagram, InCycle gets daily reports of posts & check-ins, and will manually reward 5 points for each post up to 2X a week. Note that points are manually entered by InCycle 1-2 times a week.
What is the link to InCycle's Perkville page?
Terms and Conditions
Points not valid for cash back (unless required by law). Must use in one visit. Does not cover tax or gratuity. Cannot be transferred to other members, or combined with other offers.