Have you been struggling to get back into your workout groove? Don’t despair, you are not alone – so many of us let our workouts fall to the wayside during the pandemic and are struggling to find a way to get back into a routine. It may even seem a little overwhelming and frustrating to get your body and mind used to a regular workout routine again, and taking that first step can be the hardest. But, here are a few tips to get you re-motivated, excited, and pumped up to jump-start your fitness journey!!

1. Consider how long you have been away and any possible limitations. Don’t beat yourself up by trying to do what you did before your hiatus from working out, start with baby steps and build your base. It’s not an all-or-nothing situation. Allow yourself the time to regain that cardio base, your muscular endurance, stamina, strength. Remember, every class you take is YOUR class, make the modifications that allow you to regain your power base. Our skilled and trained InCycle instructors are always there to help you achieve your goals – don’t hesitate to ask for advice, help, or suggestions to make your workout exactly what you need it to be – truly, that is what our InCycle instructors love to do – help our clients! ***If you are a little hesitant to jump back into working out, how about a few personal training or small group training sessions to help you regain that confidence?!!

2. Make things as easy as possible for yourself. If you are out of your regular workout routine, it can be really easy to make excuses, hit the snooze button, kid’s schedules get in the way… There are lots of tricks that can help you keep your promise to yourself to get your sweat on! If you are an early morning exerciser – have your gym bag packed and ready to go the night before, make your smoothie ahead and have it in the fridge, program that coffee maker so your freshly brewed coffee is ready when you are, make yourself a promise of what you will do later if you get up and kick start your day with your workout! If you aren’t an early morning person, find a class that fits in your schedule and sign up ahead of time. At InCycle, you can sign up for your classes 7 days in advance – studies have shown that once you have signed up and made that commitment for yourself, you are much more likely to show up! Make the effort to plan your week around your workouts and your workouts will happen!!

3. Find what motivates you – and this might be different than it used to be. There’s a workout for everyone and you have to find the one that excites and motivates you!! Check out our most current InCycle schedule at www.incycleindy.com – you might be surprised at all the offerings now available! Not only does any InCycle package work for cycling, but it allows you to take advantage of all of our great Strength classes as well!!

Prioritize your workout and your health – do it for yourself – being healthy and fit should be about making yourself feel great, gaining confidence, and aiming to be your very best self. No more excuses, now is the time to kick start your fitness journey, do something great for yourself, celebrate that body!