How very strange it is to be celebrating the running of the Indy 500 in August, with the always packed stands empty of spectators. Rather than a month of celebrations, gatherings, out-of-town visitors and big events, the race seemed to have snuck up on us with very little fanfare. But, even though this pandemic has hijacked many of our liberties, it cannot rob us of savoring the simple pleasures that every single day presents us. With no end in sight, many of you might be feeling worn down, COVID fatigued and maybe just outright frustrated and angry. It’s okay to be upset, but do something about it – missing your workouts is NOT what you need right now. Physical activity can build both emotional and physical resilience and now, more than ever, we need more resilience! If you haven’t been back to InCycle and InCycle Strength since we re-opened, please come in and check out what we are doing to keep you safe, healthy and resilient. Social distancing in both studios with 1/2 capacity, over the top cleaning before and after every class, masks required at all times except when riding (and you are welcome to keep you mask on the entire class if that makes you feel better) and state of the art ventilation system that is constantly bringing in fresh air from outside while pushing the inside air out. Now, more than ever, boosting your immune system, mood and health by working out is so important. Give us a chance to show you what a great job we are doing to make InCycle your safe space. RIDE ON!!! STRENGTH ON!!!