Two great and economical ways to get more InCycle and InCycle Strength in your life!!!

1. Did you know that our monthly unlimited $150 includes ALL the classes offered at InCycle and InCycle Strength as well as all the virtual classes too? Yes, you read it right – $150 gives you access to over 38 classes every single week and there is NO contract – if you need to cancel your monthly unlimited for any reason, all you have to do is email us prior to your next month renewing. BUT, ACT FAST to get this great deal as we are raising our monthly unlimited pricing beginning January 1, 2021, to $165. Anyone that is already LOCKED into the $150 pricing prior to January 1, 2021, will be grandfathered into that pricing until they cancel. At least there are still a few good things to celebrate about 2020 – $150 monthly unlimited!!!

2. InCycle’s 5 Class Holiday Special is in full swing!!! Only $70 for 5 a class pack with no limit to the number you can purchase and one-year expiration date! You can purchase your 5 Class Holiday Special through the end of December. And, what a great GIFT to give someone this holiday – the opportunity to make their bodies stronger, their minds clearer, and their heart and soul happy!!