How many of you reading this are still making excuses for not getting back into your pre-pandemic fitness routine?  The pandemic profoundly disrupted so many aspects of our lives, but now it’s time to find a RESET!  Give yourself a break for what you haven’t been doing and focus on what you can do now!  Quit wasting time on feeling guilty, frustrated or that you need to get in a little better shape just to show up. 

Don’t you miss that feeling of community and comradery?  Of being able to look over at a friend during a challenging workout and feel inspired and encouraged? To hear your InCycle instructor greet you by name and offer those impactful words of encouragement.   A person’s workout routine is strongly influenced by his or her social network and there is no better place for finding a strong, positive, supportive community than InCycle – that has not changed.  Working out with friends can change our view of a challenging situation and provide the positive reinforcement to keep going and not give up!  There is power in connection and the connection is InCycle.

What is holding you back?  Now is the time to find your RESET.  We have missed you and are excited to welcome you back to your InCycle community! RIDE ON!!  STRENGTH ON!! 

Carmel, Indiana Gym