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InCycle Cycling Classes

InCycle Ride

InCycle’s signature one-hour soul-stirring, cardio pumping, muscle sculpting ride is suitable for all levels of rider. We add a dose of upper body strengthening and core work during your ride with hand weights, body bars and resistance tubing to create the ultimate InCycle experience. We provide the inspiration, you choose the intensity.

InCycle Express

Get in – get out- get on with your day! Rock it out on the bike in this exhilarating, concentrated, high-energy cardio-burn power class. All the benefits of our InCycle Ride, including upper body and core work, just compacted into 45 minutes!

InCycle Express + Pump 15

This ride gives you all the benefits of our InCycle Express Ride + a power bonus of 15 minutes off the bike at the end of class focusing on strengthening and toning both upper and lower body. Kick your personal training into high gear! *Please bring sneakers if your cycling shoes don’t have rubber soles.

InCycle Ride Restore

This class is truly the best of both worlds: 30 minutes of cardio-pumping cycling followed by 30 minutes of restorative yoga.

30/30 or 45/30 Cycle/Strength

A FULL BODY cardio/strength class in one hour! Blast fat and build lean muscle with a 30-minute cardio blast on the bike at InCycle. Jump off the bike for 30 minutes of strength training and conditioning using a combination of dumbbells, TRX, kettlebells, body weight, battle ropes, bands, and resistance tubes at InCycle Strength. Get your RIDE ON and your STRENGTH ON!!

Just Cycle

Pedal with purpose and power in this no weights Just Cycle class. If you are an outdoor rider looking to improve all aspects of your cycling or an indoor cycling enthusiast who wants to train utilizing power and rpm’s, this class covers it all. Muscular endurance, strength, and speedwork create the foundation as you train in different intensity zones while concentrating on proper cycling technique. Bring your outdoor ride to InCycle to improve efficiency and get the maximum impact from your workout.

InCycle Video & Theme Rides

Every week our instructors mix it up by adding a theme and/or music videos to their ride. Add the element of visual stimulation to our already amazing InCycle ride and you have the ultimate indoor cycling experience. Check the website weekly for updates or sign up for our newsletter here for all the latest InCycle news!

InCycle Strength Classes

InCycle Strength Circuits

Push your fitness level to a new high with this strength circuit class. A total body workout isolating muscle groups and striking the perfect balance of strength, conditioning and sculpting. Options include: TRX, weights, kettle bells, resistance bands, weighted bars and stability balls.


Core Strength

All powerful movements originate from a strong, stable CORE. This total-body strength training class focuses on building your POWER-HOUSE. Classes combine the benefits of TRX, weight training and bodyweight movements to sculpt you from head to toe.

TRX Fusion

Suspension training bodyweight exercises that develop strength, balance and core stability simultaneously. This class utilizes TRX’s world class suspension straps that leverage gravity and user’s body weight. TRX improves mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance, power, core strength and heart health. Even while working arms, legs, back, shoulders…TRX constantly challenges your core for a total-body workout.


Barre Fusion

A total body fitness fusion incorporating alignment principles of ballet and the lengthening postures of Pilates with weights and TRX creating a foundation of strength, length and definition. Specifically targeting glutes, thighs, arms and abs.

Bootcamp Amped

This class offers the benefits of strength, endurance, and power with an added bonus of AMPING up the benefits with HIIT, plyometric drills, and short cardio blasts targeting heart rate, calorie burn, and muscular endurance and strengthening.  Equipment utilized could include TRX, stability balls, resistance bands, resistance tubes, weights, kettlebells, body bars, and body weight.

**Modifications will be offered for new students.

The Pilates Suspension Method

The Pilates Suspension Method (PSM) combines the traditional and contemporary mat and equipment-based Pilates exercises and performs them on TRX! PSM is mainly Pilates rooted, but some fusion is also incorporated with traditional TRX and Yoga-esque movements. This is a total body workout taking your body through all planes of motion with a strong emphasis on building core strength. This class is suitable for all levels of fitness and modifications are always offered to new students.