Celebrate your glutes!!! Your glutes support nearly every move you make. Without your glutes, you can’t control your hips, which would severely limit your motion. When you notice people who are powerful, they tend to have powerful glutes! Exercising your glutes along with the quads is so important to staying fit and maintaining mobility as we age. As people age they begin having trouble getting up off the floor or getting out of a chair – those movements require strong glute muscles. If you are able to maintain gluteal and quad strength, you are gaining anti-aging qualities.

To whip your all important glutes and quads into shape – RIDE!!! Indoor cycling offers an impact-free way to work your backside! Find your optimum push by riding with resistance out of the saddle. Pull up with your heels, dig into your hill and voila – glutes, hamstrings and quads are fully engaged and working! Celebrate your biggest muscle and get on that bike!!! RIDE ON!