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Mar 14
Jan 15


When you workout with a friend, you tend to push yourself harder and feel happier afterward! The social interaction has special benefits: (1) spending time working out with a friend increases cognitive performance (2) hanging out with others warms up the mental processes needed for other problem-solving tasks and (3)... read more →
Jan 15

Power Train Your Brain!

We all know how great working out is for our bodies, but what about our brains?? According to a study from UC Davis Medical Center, the effects of exercise are so powerful that research indicates it could regulate mood as successfully as antidepressants! 20 minutes on a bike raises levels... read more →
Apr 20
Nov 23
Aug 29

Turn Up The Burn

The key to lasting weight loss is mastering your metabolism.  You have to keep your internal engine speeding along.  Just as your size shrinks after dropping the unwanted pounds, so does your ability to burn calories.  In a study at the University of Melbourne, levels of ghrelin, the hunger hormone,... read more →
Jan 12

Indoor Cycling Makes You Run Stronger and Longer

The latest study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research finds that indoor cycling makes your run stronger and longer. Runners who did three weekly HIIT cycling workouts (alternating intense bursts of speed with resistance followed by measured recovery) along with 25 miles of running, improved within two weeks.... read more →
Jan 06

Spinning Shoes Can Change Your Ride

If you are committing to indoor cycling, then commit to investing in cycling shoes.  You will be more comfortable and get better results with clip-ins. The stiff soles on cycling shoes keep your feet flat while you pedal (sneakers, which are flexible, can cause you to point your toes, slowing... read more →
Nov 05
Nov 05