InCycle Spotlight: Barry McMaster

On this Father’s Day, InCycle is highlighting one of our favorite Dads, Barry McMaster! Barry has been riding at InCycle for over 2.5 years! Barry started coming a few weeks after his daughter, Joelle Baugher joined InCycle, in the fall of 2016. Barry at that time was just going to the gym a few times a month and was biking outside. When his daughter talked to him about attending an InCycle class with her, he jumped at the chance. Barry is retired and had some extra time on his hands, and the opportunity to spend more time with his daughter was just what he was looking for… little did he know that this would soon become a home away from home, and several dates a week with his daughter!

Barry was born in New Jersey, where the high school he attended was the only public high school to have a Lacrosse team. His love of lacrosse, and skills as a goalie brought him to the midwest, where he played for Defiance College. After college, he stayed out in the midwest and worked in NW Ohio for The Campbells Soup Company. Eventually, his job would bring him to Indiana, where he raised his only daughter, Joelle (she played lacrosse too). Barry stayed quite active after college. He continued to play in lacrosse leagues, and even coached lacrosse, and still coaches today! Joelle headed out west to Colorado (their family loves to ski) for college, and she found herself back in Indiana after college, where she got married to her husband, Chad, and they have one adorable daughter, Addie, who played an important role in our February Kindness challenge, where she dropped in on our Saturday class, and made posters to remind everyone to be kind.

Barry is enjoying his retirement and lots of leisure activities outside of InCycle. He enjoys fishing, camping, and traveling with his wife, Vicki. Barry and Vicki show their dog Jax in dog shows around the midwest. Cathy, Gina & Carmen had the chance to see one of Jax’s shows last spring! Barry is also a part of a 20 man “Civil War” group where they shoot Black Powder. This isn’t a reenactment group, they actually shoot live ammo, and compete every spring. Barry loves cars (big and small) and drives a Ford F450 and a 1962 Triumph TR3A sports car (he had one in high school too). You’ll see one of them parked at City Center every time he rides. You will find Barry and his Daughter, Joelle working out at InCycle 2-3 days a week. They both have completed 4 InCycle challenges together! Barry loves stealing all the time he can with his daughter, they love to ride together and then go grab a coffee after class.

Time is precious, and the fact that this daddy/daughter duo is choosing to take that rare time together working out and sipping coffee a few times a week is just what any dad would want after his child is grown and on her own. We are blessed that we get to see these two spend part of their quality time together with us, and we are so happy to have them as a part of our InCycle family! Happy Father’s Day, Barry, and to all of our InCycle dads!


The InCycle Team