Our exercise habits may influence our sense of purpose in life and our sense of purpose may affect how much we exercise, according to a new study of the reciprocal effects of feeling your life has meaning and being often in motion! The findings emphasize how intertwined the relationship between physical activity and psychological well-being can be. Science already offers plenty of evidence that being active bolsters our mental, as well as physical health. Countless studies show that men and women who exercise are less likely than those who are sedentary to develop depression or anxiety.

Physical activity can contribute to a sense of purpose and a sense of purpose can influence how likely we are to exercise. People who live more active lives generally show an increased sense of purpose – that feeling you get from having goals and plans that give direction and meaning to your life. People often feel more self-efficacy once they start exercising, which can prompt them to feel more capable of setting new goals, creating new purpose. NO MORE EXCUSES, it’s time to get your workout mojo back and find that sense of purpose. InCycle and InCycle Strength wants to help you get moving again – create that healthy, virtuous, purpose-driven lifestyle! Check out all of our great classes HERE.